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14 - In Memoriam [audio]

*recording shuts off after the completion of the song*

13 - Home Again? [accidental audio]

Hmm. Didn't think I'd ever see this place again.


Huh? Meng-imo--oof!

You're back! You're back! I was so worried!

Welcome back, Hotaru.

Thank you, Lunamon. Shhh-h-h...it's all right now, meimei. I'm here. How long was I gone?

About a week. How much time passed in your world?

A few months. Have I missed anything here?

Quite a bit, actually. You might want to check the backlogs...

Right. And thank you, Chihiro-chan, for looking after things for me.

Normal = Hotaru
Bold = Meng
Italics = Lunamon
Underline = Chihiro

12 - [locked to Inns, TARDIS, Pirate Lords]

In light of Ravemon's recent...announcement, Meng and I will be moving out of the Hinata Inn. Given my status as a Sailor Senshi and a Pirate Lord I feel it is no longer in my best interests to remain in Tetha.

If anyone wishes to contact us or to drop by and visit, we will be staying aboard my ship Molly in Axyori Harbor.

Hay Lin-san, thank you for your hospitality all of these months.
Meng and I are heading to Axyori this weekend; it seems I have a new ship to inspect ^_^

Anyone interested in tagging along?

10 - [locked to Kutner]

Dr. Kutner, if you have a spare moment, could you possibly make an appointment for Yagami Anei to have a thorough physical while the TARDIS crew is at Royal Base?

Both Ryo and I feel that it would be a wise course of action, especially in light of the news of Mack-san's...condition.

[locked to Yagami Hikari]
Yagami-san, I realize that you don't me. My name is Tomoe Hotaru; I'm a resident of the TARDIS where your...future daughter Anei has been staying for the past several months.

It's probably not our place to decide such things, but both Ryo-san and I feel it best that Anei see Dr. Kutner for an examination while we're at Royal Base. Especially in light of her...unique physiology.

If you would like to be present, please let me know.

09 - [locked to Sasami]

Sasami-hime, I know right now might not be the best time but, um...

What process did you and Hay Lin-san have to go through to become sisters?


Your attempts at riling up DATS and the other Tamers have gotten a little dull lately.

Maybe you can use this to give your puppets something wittier to say the next time.

[attached: 1 (one) thesaurus]


Yggdrasil just altered (or unaltered, whatever) the TARDIS.

That computer's beginning to tick me off...

OOC needs that lemmings-meme icon

All of my characters get lumped into this post.

Hotaru goes first, since it IS her journalCollapse ) Guess Hotaru still has her roommates from Apocalyptica on her mind.

And next we have TophCollapse ) Wow, I actually got an in-game canon answer!

And how does Chihiro do?Collapse )

And Shuichon's results prove...Collapse ) ...that she will probably end up a spinster with results like this.

And what does Noriko have in store for her?Collapse )

Chiaki is next in line for the testCollapse )

And last but not least is ElyonCollapse )



Didn't win the talent show.


That's all right. I...really wasn't expecting to place anyway, let alone win the thing.


Koushiro-san, Ryo-san, your number was really good.